2018 Event

Thia Martin first met BFC Board Member, Justine Sanchez, while their kids attended high school together in Boulder, CO. After a year of friendship, Thia asked Justine what her connection to the buffalo was and where it sprang from. Justine invited Thia to a presentation that week that she was making at The Watershed School. Thia walked into a video documenting the abuse that was happening to America's Last Wild Bison, or American Buffalo. When she saw the clip, her sense of justice was immediately ignited. That spring Thia joined Justine, and Justine's husband and fellow BFC Board Member, Roman, out in the field filming alongside Buffalo Field Campaign volunteers. This fire ignited Thia's call to film making and Justine was the spark to ignite her passion for the injustice enacted everyday on our National Mammal . . . the very Sacred Buffalo. Since then, Thia has become a BFC Advisory Board Member and has been creating art while Justine has been building policy and together they have been producing films and educational fund raising events for the buffalo.


Our  national mammal roaming the grasslands under the  full moon-a work in progress by Thia in her  studio & by BFC in the policy arena & the field!



Mark your calendars for Fall 2018 when BFC, Red Shoes Studio, & WildnFree will celebrate the HIstory of Wild Bison through Art, Film, and Education.

Our National Mammal is the story of the wild migratory buffalo of the Yellowstone Ecosystem. It’s a story of their survival and the amazing people from Buffalo Field Campaign who dedicate their lives to protecting them.

In 2016 Obama & Congress named the American Buffalo as our country’s first National Mammal. Outraged that this Act offered no protections for our last wild bison, Thia became inspired to make a documentary short about the plight of Our National Mammal. BFC has launched an educational outreach initiative in hopes to elevate public awareness on the importance of protecting wild migratory bison as our National Mammal.
The film, Our National Mammal, is currently under submission to film festivals but will be premiered at the fall 2018 celebration.